To view the quicktime movies linked or embedded in my pages, you need a "quicktime plugin," available free from Apple's website (for Windows 95, 98, or NT as well as for MacOS. I haven't yet found a linux-compatible version, but I don't even know what linux webbrowsers there are). If you have a default MicroSoft type installation, you may also need to make sure the quicktime plugin runs the movie-- MS's movie software will try (and fail) to run quicktime movies by default. The Apple quicktime installer will take care of this (but if you reinstall Explorer, you may need to run the qt-installer again afterwards).

To install quicktime:

Go to Apple's quicktime page.

Along the left side of the screen there is a box in which you can select MacOs or Windows(tm) installer, put your email address in the required box, and then click on "download now." Installation should only take a few minutes at worst.